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Snowdonia-Active was established in 2001 as a direct reaction to the foot and mouth crisis when, due to land access restrictions, many outdoor activity businesses were prevented from operating. That crisis served to highlight the true financial value of the Sector to the wider local economy.

The work carried out by Snowdonia-Active in the years immediately following crucially included the accurate quantification of that financial value, in addition to the promotion of links and cooperation between key organisations in the Sector.

As S-A has matured as an organisation, so its role has altered and developed leading, in more recent years, to involvement in projects shaping the development of future strategy, infrastructure programmes and education within the sector.

In support of the strategic aspects of our work we have continued to deliver practical projects raising the profile of North West Wales through the Snowdonia-Active website, Antur newsletter and attendance internationally at a number of outdoor focused shows and exhibitions.

Our work with key statutory bodies includes monitoring, consulting and being consulted on issues as wide ranging as: CROW Act, Countryside Code, outdoor sector cluster development, business support, sector specific marketing, infrastructure developments, sector specific tourist information provision, health & safety issues, access to inland water, rural regeneration and environmental impact.

S-A has worked with community groups developing infrastructure, such as the mountain bike trails at Penmachno, and the special expertise held within Snowdonia-Active has also brought commissions to deliver research and consultancy work related to outdoor recreation, tourism and business for the key statutory bodies in the region. Education is a developing part of the activity of S-A, evidenced by the recent production of a DVD for CCW aimed at communicating messages in the sustainable use of gorges in Wales.

All of this activity has been fundamental in gaining the recognition from policy makers that the Outdoor Sector is more than just activity tourism. Outdoor recreation and activity tourism cuts across many areas of Welsh Government policy agenda including health and wellbeing, education and lifelong learning, tourism and economic development, acknowledged in a recent project commissioned by Tourism Partnership North Wales to produce a Vision Statement and Action Plan for the Outdoor Sector.

Whilst maintaining the integrity of its initial aims and objectives, Snowdonia-Active now occupies a unique role within the local Outdoor Sector, crucially as a ‘champion’ and voice of the Sector and vital link between policy makers in Government and the businesses and organisations which make up the Outdoor Sector in North Wales.