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For many years the gorges of Wales have been a wonderful resource for adventure activities such as gorgewalking and canoeing. However, they are also nationally and internationally important from a conservation perspective, particularly for the rare plants that grow in the highly humid environment provided by the almost constantly running water.  With increasing numbers of people enjoying the opportunities offered by outdoor recreation in the UK, the number of people using these gorges has also risen.  However, the designation of some of these gorges as special European sites means that we all need to ensure that activities on these sites are not damaging to the important wildlife and environment which is so attractive and important for conservation.

Snowdonia-Active, developed a proposal and secured funding from the Environment Agency Wales SPLASH fund and the CCW to produce the film. Working with North Wales based 2rays production company, and the renowned lower plant life expert Ray Woods of Plantlife, the film delivers a clear message about how special and vulnerable these gorges are and how to minimise the negative impacts of outdoor recreation within them.

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