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Infrastructure Development

Whether it’s to manage environmental impact, provide a better welcome or create new products that make north Wales a better place to live or visit, we have always played a role in encouraging and facilitating infrastructure developments that we believe to be of benefit to the region, economically, environmentally and socially. We’re not afraid to challenge the kind of developments that could do more harm than good.

Menter Bro Machno Mountain Bike Trails

The construction of two loops of cross-country mountain bike trail in Gwydyr South, on Forestry Commission woodland.
From the inception of the mountain bike trail project, Snowdonia-Active worked with the community group Menter Bro Machno to support them and facilitate its development. With the assistance of a Snowdonia-Active project officer, Menter Bro Machno drew down £500,000 from the Adfywio and Cyd Coed funds to construct the trails.
Following the initial development work with the group, Snowdonia-Active was contracted to project manage the development. After completion of Loop 1 of the trail and with funding for loop 2 secured, Snowdonia-Active chose to step out of the project as the community group had the capacity to run the remainder of the project themselves.