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Reconciling Conservation & Recreation

At S-A we all love being outdoors. We want to get out and do our thing, introduce others to the places we love and turn people on to this great part of the world. We also know that we have a responsibility to look after the environment and keep our impact to a minimum. Some people think that some places are too special and too sensitive to carry all the people who want to enjoy them. Getting this balance right, we think is summed up by the phrase Reconciling Conservation & Recreation.

We don’t think it is sensible to bury our heads in the sand and hope the the problems of managing recreation in sensitive habitats goes away. Under the Reconciling Conservation & Recreation heading we have produced a number of resources which aim to provide good practice advice for a range of activities and habitats in Wales.

North Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter Group

outdoorcharter-logo-squareNorth Wales Environmental Charter Group unites outdoor activity providers who wish to ensure the sustainable management of activity venues whilst enabling a cohesive voice for consultation with external agencies, conservationists and land managers. The group is in the process of being developed in a way which will enable activity businesses to express their commitment to the preservation and conservation of the special environments of North Wales. Membership of the group is free but members are expected to sign up to the Environmental Charter and attend a small number of training sessions and meetings each year. Activity providers who join can use an accreditation logo in their marketing to flag up their environmental credentials. for more information and how to sign up.

Site Guides for Recreation

As an outdoor instructor we know you are interested in all things outdoors, and learning about the places you guide your groups. So we’ve created these guides for your interest and to help you share interesting snippets with your groups. Each illustrated guide is packed with facts on flora and fauna, wildlife, geology, land management info, legends and history.

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All guides are available in English and Welsh

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Please email for a copy of the Ceunant Llennyrch guide in English or Welsh.

iSee North Wales Coast – Waterproof field guide for reconciling conservation & recreation

Snowdonia-Active has secured funds from Anglesey Area of Outstanding to produce a waterproof field guide to the north Wales coast. The aim of the project is to create a practical resource to accompany outdoor instructors on sessions to enable them to educate themselves and clients on the special qualities of the AONB; raising awareness of the importance of reconciling conservation and recreation for the sustainable growth of the outdoor sector. The waterproof resource will be designed to fit into the front pocket of a buoyancy aid to enable its ease of use on an activity session. The resource will include information on the unique habitat, wildlife and geological highlights found on the north Wales coast.  Snowdonia-Active is currently working in partnership with the North Wales Wildlife Trust, Nature’s Work and Geomôn to complete the guide by March 2014.

Groups in Gorges – Reconciling Conservation & Recreation

A development project funded by Environment Agency Wales SPLASH fund.

As part of the Reconciling Conservation & Recreation series of films, this video was produced to help people enjoy the Gorges of Wales in a responsible and sustainable way. For many years the gorges of Wales have been a wonderful resource for adventure activities such as gorgewalking and canoeing. However, they are also nationally and internationally important from a conservation perspective, particularly for the rare plants that grow in

the highly humid environment provided by the almost constantly running water. With increasing numbers of people enjoying the opportunities offered by outdoor recreation in the UK, the number of people using these gorges has also risen. However, the designation of some of these gorges as special European sites means that we all need to ensure that activities on these sites are not damaging to the important wildlife and environment which is so attractive and important for conservation.

Enjoying the Rivers & lakes of Wales - Reconciling Conservation & Recreation

Client: Countryside Council for Wales & Environment Agency Wales

In 2010 The Welsh Assembly’s sustainability committee published a report on Access to Inland Water in Wales. It outlined recommendations as to how it would like to see access improved on inland water bodies in Wales. Specific recommendations were made on the importance of the development of a Waterside Code and how the rights and responsibilities of users and access owners should be promoted and advertised.

As part of the Reconciling Conservation & Recreation series of films, this video was produced to help people enjoy the inland waters of Wales in a responsible and sustainable way. Freshwater is an essential resource used in almost every part of our lives. There is a great deal of pressure on the rivers and lakes of Wales from climate change, water regulation, agriculture, industry and invasive species. With the growing recreational activity on these waterways it’s important that all of us; anglers, paddlers and wild swimmers play our part in minimising our impacts. If this use is to be

sustainable then we all need to act responsibly and be aware of the sensitivity of the environment in which our activity is taking place.

The White Guide: Reconciling Conservation & Recreation – Winter Climbing in Snowdonia

Project sponsored by CCW, BMC, SNPA.

Working with Ground Up Climbing Media to produce and distribute a booklet, along with online resources, detailing the key messages on sustainable use of winter climbing routes in Snowdonia. These routes are often on designated sites, home to rare and delicate alpine plants.