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Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is about achieving a balance between encouraging people to explore and enjoy the outdoors whilst protecting those qualities which we value.  We believe it is possible to have an economically viable tourism industry which mitigates its impacts on the environment whilst delivering a high quality experience  for visitors.  Through our sustainable tourism network ‘Green Snowdonia‘, we endeavour to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and the visitors themselves at minimal environmental cost.  Our mantra at Green Snowdonia is that ‘Green business is good business!’

Green Snowdonia works hard to gain the trust of, and engage in a dialogue with businesses. This close relationship ensures that Green Snowdonia can deliver support and training targeted specifically to their needs, in the most appropriate and accessible format.  We have been commissioned to deliver a number of projects.

Loving our Lake

Client: Dŵr Cymru

Padarn white 2

“Loving our Lake” started as a 12 month programme of activities to investigate what we, as a community, can do to help improve the water quality of Llyn Padarn. In 2009, the lake suffered from a toxic algal bloom which resulted in warning signs being posted along the lake shore advising people to avoid using the lake for much of the summer.

The main message of the project is that making some simple changes to our day-to-day activities we can help to reduce the input of harmful nutrients into Llyn Padarn. After a successful first year, Snowdonia-Active has received further funding from Dŵr Cymru to continue with this work. Through ‘Loving our Lake’ we want to identify and encourage those simple actions which will have the most beneficial effect on the water quality of the lake.

Growing Sustainable Tourism Workshop Programme 2010

Client: Snowdonia National Park Authority, funded by Visit Wales and Tourism Partnership North Wales

These innovative, highly focused workshops, drew in partner organisations from the world of sustainable development to deliver their expertise at grass roots level. Each workshop addressed a different topic; Day to Day Environmental Management for Hotels, and for B&Bs, How to be a Sustainable Catering Establishment, Green Accreditation for Tourism Businesses, Retrofit of Renewable Energy Technologies for Tourism Businesses, and, Being a Sustainable Holiday Park.

Car-free Itineraries

Client: Visit Wales

Green Snowdonia drew on its knowledge of local ‘sustainable’ businesses to develop a number of car-free itineraries linking walking/cycling routes, sustainable businesses, wildlife sites and activity providers into exciting day trips and short breaks all accessible by public transport.

Tourism Partnership Mid Wales Sustainable Tourism Workshops 2011

Client: Tourism Partnership Mid Wales

Hosted by Mid Wales businesses, these informal workshops enabled business owners and managers to discuss energy efficiency and other environmental issues.  Five workshops were held addressing; How to make the day to day running of your business more environmentally friendly, How to make your catering business more environmentally friendly, and An informal introduction to energy efficiency and renewable energy for tourism businesses

Sustainable Tourism Case Studies

Client: Visit Wales

A good way to persuade a business to assess its impact on the environment is to tell them about another similar business who has done it well and reaped the financial and marketing rewards.  Green Snowdonia produced case studies of some of the best ‘trailblazing’ green businesses in Wales.  Focusing on what worked and what didn’t these case studies share best practice and enable business to learn from the experience of others.