AdventureSmart UK

AdventureSmart UK is a national campaign to engage people positively with the simple information they need to stay safe and comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.

The campaign’s origins are firmly rooted in Wales with the launch of AdventureSmartWales in 2018.  In 2019, AdventureSmartWales was re-branded as AdventureSmart UK to enable other UK regions to join Wales in spreading the AdventureSmart messages, beginning with the addition of Lake District Cumbria.  AdventureSmart Northern Ireland was launched in January 2023.

The campaign has gone from strength to strength thanks to funding from a number of partner organisations and its wide and varied network of partners from organisations with an interest in outdoor recreation and safety that collectively promote a consistent, positive, friendly, integrated approach to communicating safety in the outdoors.

The aim of this national behavioural change safety campaign, which is underpinned by a firm evidence base and the latest behavioural science, is primarily to reduce the number of avoidable incidents that the rescue and emergency services deal with each year.  Experts from leading safety and sporting organisations have developed a comprehensive suite of safety messages to provide all the essential information needed for people to get outdoors, confident that they have prepared for a great day.

Our audience is defined by their knowledge and experience of outdoor recreation activities – those who are venturing into the outdoors for the first time; those with limited knowledge and experience who are tempted to attempt activities beyond their ability and; those who can help cascade the messages to our audiences e.g. outdoor professionals, hospitality, manufacturers, retailers etc.

AdventureSmart.UK’s comprehensive online suite of clear and consistent ‘good practice’ assets and resources offer a trusted voice, brand and identity to promote safe, responsible outdoor recreation; and are free to use and share with all who engage with the outdoors.

Snowdonia-Active has been a key partner in the delivery of this project.  Emma Edwards-Jones (Snowdonia-Active) and Paul Donovan (Escape Routes) work together to co-lead the development of the campaign.

AdventureSmart UK is…



We want to encourage people to explore our landscapes safely not put the ‘fear of death’ into them. We have designed a range of messages to help keep people safe and comfortable in the outdoors, so they return to regale their friends with wonderful stories of their great adventure.


From the start, when people begin to think about and research their chosen activity, through the planning process and repeatedly through their visit we want them to keep coming across the AdventureSmart messages and branding.


It’s not just what we say it, it’s the way that we say it!  Our conversations in print, online, or face-to-face should be inclusive and warm, with a personal, human touch; as if we are talking directly to a visitor.

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