Countryside Code (Wales) strategic promotion & action plan (2022/23)

Funded by Natural Resources Wales

In 2022 Snowdonia-Active were contracted by Natural Resources Wales to produce a concise underpinning recommendations report, together with a ‘promotion strategy and action plan’ for the promotion of the Countryside Code in Wales for the period 2023 to 2028.

The methodology was developed to ensure that the strategy was developed around a firm evidence base, as follows:

  • Stakeholder Consultation
    1-2-1 interviews with 45 representatives from 28 stakeholder organisations with interests in destination management, land ownership, land management, local government, tourism and individual outdoor recreation activities (including NGBs and social media groups).  Followed by an online workshop to discuss the findings and draft strategy recommendations. (Attended by 2 additional organisations)
  • A digital audit to evaluate the extent of online coverage of the Countryside Code by both government agencies and stakeholders.
  • Web analytics for NRW Countryside Code webpages.
  • NRW social media statistics.
  • Survey data: People & Nature Survey March 2022; Rohan The England and Wales Walking Report 2022: Exploring the Nation’s walking habits and awareness of the Countryside Code.

The promotion strategy provides a clear vision, aims, objectives and priorities, appropriate to the strategic context for the Countryside Code in Wales. The strategy is realistic, and takes account of the currently available resources, identifying key opportunities and ways to enhance current working and to secure new funding and resources.