Over the years we have produced films and written publications for both print and online publication. Here’s a selection that demonstrates our unique skills mix of outdoor recreation, conservation, business development, behaviour change and tourism marketing.

Site Guides for Conservation: Protected Landscapes of Wales

These site guides were produced as part of the ‘Reconciling Recreation and Conservation: Uplands Project’ funded by Natural Resources Wales. They are designed to help outdoor activity providers learn more about the venues in which they operate, to be able to share some knowledge about those venues with their clients and also to minimise their impact on these often sensitive sites. Nb. the Ceunant Llennyrch Site Guide is not available to download if you would like a copy please email Catherine.

Cadair Idris: English / Cymraeg

Craig yr Aderyn: English / Cymraeg

Ruabon Moor: English / Cymraeg

Ceunant Llennyrch: English / Cymraeg

Crimpiau: English / Cymraeg

ISee Guides

These printed A5 sized, waterproof guides are designed to be carried by outdoor activity providers whilst guiding outdoor recreation activities. Each guide contains quirky nuggets of information designed to help instructors engage people with the environments they are enjoying.

ISee… Llangollen Canal

Download: English / Cymraeg

ISee… North Wales Coast

Download: English / Cymraeg


ISee… North Wales Rivers

Download: English / Cymraeg

ISee… Uplands

Download: English / Cymraeg

Reconciling Conservation & Recreation

These are some of the first films we made back in the early days of Snowdonia-Active, but the important messages about how to enjoy the amazing landscapes of Wales while having minimal impact upon important and often sensitive habitats still holds true.


Sustainable Tourism

Under the banner of ‘Green Snowdonia’ Snowdonia-Active have worked to help the tourism sector of Wales operate more sustainably. We believe that by becoming more environmentally aware and adopting sustainable business practices that businesses can become more economically resilient and deliver a better experience for their customers.


Future proofing your business: A practical guide to weathering climate change for the Welsh tourism industry

Download here


Loving our Lake

In 2009, the Llyn Padarn suffered from a toxic algal bloom which resulted in warning signs being posted along the lakeshore advising people to avoid using the lake for much of the summer. The bloom was caused by a combination of weather conditions and nutrients such as phosphorus entering the lake. In 2012 Snowdonia-Active secured funding from the Water Framework Directive via Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water to begin a project to work with the local community to reduce the input of nutrients into the lake. With further funding from Natural Resources Wales, Loving our Lake ran for 5 years.

The active side of Loving our Lake came to an end in 2017 but many of our activities and resources are still live such as loving-our-lake.org and Facebook/llynpadarn

In 2017 Natural Resources Wales funded us to produce a review of the project called ‘Learning from Loving our Lake’.

Download the report HERE

We ran a packed programme of events and activities, a few of which we captured on film!