Loving our Lake (2012-2017)

Funded by Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water / Natural Resources Wales

Why should we love Llyn Padarn?

Whether you have a business on the shores of the lake, enjoy swimming in the lagoons, catching fish, walking your dog around the lake path, or you simply drive past it every day, all of us who live, work or holiday in the Llanberis valley have a link to Llyn Padarn.

In 2009, the lake suffered from a toxic algal bloom which resulted in warning signs being posted along the lakeshore advising people to avoid using the lake for much of the summer. The bloom was caused by a combination of weather conditions and nutrients such as phosphorus entering the lake. These nutrients can come from a number of sources including soil erosion and wastewater. The nutrients feed the algal blooms which can be toxic to humans and animals if ingested. Algae also use up the oxygen in the water which makes life very difficult for fish in the lake.

The 2009 bloom had a really negative impact on local businesses, wildlife, and people who could no longer enjoy the lake. Without reductions in the amount of nutrients entering the lake the threat of further algal blooms remains. By making some simple changes to our day-to-day activities we can help to reduce the input of harmful nutrients into Llyn Padarn.

Loving our Lake” started in 2012 as a 12-month programme of activities to investigate what we, as a community, can do to help improve the water quality of Llyn Padarn. The project continued for 5-years thanks to the support of Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water and Natural Resources Wales.

Water quality is currently excellent, but it takes hard work and vigilance to keep the water sparkling and clear.  Many of our day to day activities as we live and work in the valley impact upon the lake. Through ‘Loving our Lake’ we encouraged simple actions which have the most beneficial effect on the water quality.  We ran a full programme of community events and activities to spread the word to everyone who lives, works and visits the valley as to how they can help to protect Llyn Padarn.

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