Joining Forces

Over the years we have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside many organisations and associates allowing us to feed our expertise into larger-scale projects across Wales. This collaboration has also enabled us to learn about initiatives elsewhere and share best practice from further afield with providers in North Wales as well as showcasing the unique and innovative work that is going on here.

As members of partnerships, committees and stakeholder groups we feed into many collaborations both locally and nationally.

Here’s a taste of what we do…

The Outdoor Alliance

Snowdonia-Active have played an active role in the consultation to develop an outdoor alliance for Wales. Outdoor Alliance Wales was established on 26th February 2018 to enable more effective outdoor sector co-ordination to better promote its values, benefits and principles and more efficient cross-sector partnerships. As of May 2020, Outdoor Alliance Wales has 42 member organisations.

The Outdoor Alliance plays a vital role in creating and sustaining a strong sense of advocacy for and to the outdoor sector in Wales. Through collaborative engagement, the membership of the Outdoor Alliance will share the common values in a way that they will make a significant contribution to the economic, health & well-being, social, cultural and environmental developments of Wales. The vision subscribed to by Outdoor Alliance Wales is:

‘Sustainable, active, appreciative outdoor practices for a resilient, healthy Nation’.

Covid-19 Pandemic Update: On May 18th 2020, the Outdoor Alliance Wales submitted a “Post Covid-19 Recovery Plan for the outdoor sector in Wales” to the Welsh Government, which the Government will be considering as it decides how to move forward with the easing of lockdown. This document highlights the value of a coordinated approach and demonstrates a willingness and desire for an effective and appropriate phased pathway to recovery.

Click the link below to download the full Plan.

The Snowdon Partnership

Snowdonia-Active are active members of The Snowdon Partnership. The Snowdon Partnership is a group set up to create and then implement a new management plan for Snowdon. The Partnership brings together the organisations and landowners that are responsible for the on-the-ground management of the mountain, ranging from conservation work and path management to tourism, farming and mountain rescue.

The Outdoor Partnership

Snowdonia-Active were founding members of the North West Wales Outdoor Partnership back in 2005. Snowdonia-Active are still playing our part in The Outdoor Partnership with a seat on their stakeholder’s group.

Wales Activity Tourism Organisation

WATO is a national forum established to link existing outdoor sector organisations in Wales’ three National Parks, with the aim of sharing best practice across the outdoor sector in Wales. The Wales Activity Tourism Organisation (WATO) functions regionally through Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group, South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group and Snowdonia-Active.

Fforwm Eryri

Snowdonia-Active are members of Fforwm Eryri. The Forum is an opportunity for all those involved in shaping Snowdonia’s future to galvanise their approach to joint working in the region and beyond. The Forum will work together to establish collective mechanisms for development, delivery and monitoring of strategic objectives and actions within the National Park Partnership Plan.

Carneddau Partnership

Under the leadership of the Snowdonia National Park Authority, a partnership of organisations has been awarded a prestigious HLF landscape project development grant for the Carneddau. The HLF has earmarked £1.72M for a 5-year project from 2019 to 2024 subject to a successful detailed bid. The bid is being put together during the current development phase of the project, for submission to the HLF in early March 2019.

The Outdoor Forum

The Outdoor Forum is an annual (funding permitting) conference organised by Snowdonia-Active. The Forum brings together a broad cross-section of organisations and businesses involved with the outdoor sector, including activity operators, statutory bodies and accommodation providers. With expert speakers from Wales and beyond the forum always proves to be a day full of passion for the outdoors with lots of opportunities for learning, discussion and networking.